Acute Medical Take Acute Medical Take

Acute Medical Take - AMT - is specifically designed to meet the patient registration and tracking demands of an AAU or EAU, or indeed any department.  It is an at-a-glance list containing quick to enter bulleted points of symptoms, tests and/or actions to be taken and time since arrival and is viewable anywhere in the hospital on any device connected to the internal network.


  • AMT enables Assessment Units to log and list arrivals and track progress through the treatment process.
  • Status fields can be fully customised to suit individual hospitals via Administration Log-in.
  • Using a simple drop-down list, patient status can be continually updated by any approved staff members to give an accurate, at-a-glance view of treatment.
  • Admission time is displayed in variable colour to warn of patients approaching breach of Post-Take target time.
  • Discharged patients are removed from the list and the data is stored.
  • Admitted patients are included in the daily Post-Take Ward Round list, created with just a couple of mouse clicks or finger taps.
  • The list is cleared of discharged and admitted patients, after a Post-Take Ward round, ready to record the next period of arrivals. All previous data is maintained in a database.
  • Limited PAS look-up can be added, if preferred, to automatically input patient details by searching hospital number or NHS number.
  • AMT is a lightweight, standalone utility deliberately designed to work with far less detailed information than would be required to enter into PAS and thus alleviate double data entry concern.
  • 3 levels of user access: administrators are responsible for creating accounts and granting access; Mid level users will be able to edit the system terminology, field options and schedules; Basic level users are able to register patients on the system and update patient treatment information and status.
  • All records of patients and responsible medical staff are stored for auditing purposes.
Acute Medical Take
Acute Medical Take