IG-Flow IG-Flow

Medway IGFlow is a software tool which helps prevent breaches of the Data Protection Act and lapses in information security by making everyone aware of the proper methods of data transfer between people, departments and organisations. Medway IGFlow stores details of all regular flows of Person Identifiable Data (PID) applicable to an organisation, providing all staff with access to up-to-date procedures. Requests can be made to the appointed administrator (IG Manager or Caldicott Guardian) for new flows and these requests are then risk assessed and, when approved, are published for all to see.

Medway IGFlow can become a key part of an organisation’s Information Sharing Agreement and can play an important role when setting up individual protocols with partners. Instead of using a combination of spreadsheets and other documents, you can set up and maintain a homogenous environment to manage all data flows and publish them to all staff.

When all flows are managed via Medway IGFlow, risks can be identified that could lead to breaches of confidentiality or security. Medway IGFlow will help you comply with the Information Commissioner’s code of practice and the NHS Information Governance Toolkit requirements.


  • View all flows by department/organisation or a 4 Step quick search to specific flow details
  • Clear differentiation between hospital internal and external information transfer
  • Access to the latest information procedures by any person in the organisation, with simple web access and user log on
  • Identify any risks associated with a particular flow
  • Content can be quickly and easily updated by nominated administrators
  • Reduction in the requirement for printed information
  • Reduces costs and administration resource
  • Ensures compliance
IG Flow