On-Call Rota On-Call Rota

On-Call Rota is On Call Roster software that allows for the display of current On-call Medical Staff and can be updated in real time. It is designed to be displayed on large reference screens within a hospital Switchboard room.

On-Call Rota


  • Administrators can input the shift rota for each job role up to a year in advance. By logging in, changes┬áto staff and contact details for shifts can be updated and the information instantly available for the switchboard operators.
  • Information can be simultaneously used to create an on-call contact list that can be made available on a hospital intra-net.
  • Information can be allocated to specific screens.
  • Departments within a multi-site trust are clearly differentiated as being at a particular location.
  • Shift start and end times and overlaps are clearly illustrated by an animated graphic time line.
  • A notes panel allows switchboard staff to enter important information which is displayed to them but not shared with the intranet. Notes can be referred to in the on-call list by the inclusion of a special icon, ensuring that switchboard staff do not overlook pertinent information.
  • Design is customised with hospital-specific branding.
On-Call Rota