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Online Formulary is the latest, most complete online software system for publishing a public or private hospital, NHS Trust, CCG or ICB online formulary using the DM+D data. Formatted for viewing on desktop, laptop or mobile devices, the Online Formulary software can be accessed by all medics and staff and is also publicly visible. The platform has been developed following direct consultation with NHS pharmacists and medics. The navigation chapter structure can have unlimited format, chapter names, sections and pages, all simply editable using the back-end Content Management System.

Current users of the M.O.M. Systems Online Formulary are:

Sussex ICB -

East Kent Prescibing Group -

Kent and Medway Partnership Trust -

Medway and Swale Joint Formulary -

Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley Joint Formulary -

Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells -

Doncaster CCG -


General Online Formulary Software Features

  • Built using the NHS DM+D data and regularly updated using the weekly releases
  • Therapeutic sections are fully customisable
  • Each drug can be Tagged with icons and specified icons can link through to specific pages or searches on other websites
  • Information can be expanded and collapsed showing strengths, formulations, pack sizes and tariffs (optional)
  • Status colours can be applied to each drug or be applied differently to each formulation
  • Full page images can be included for pictorial information in devices i.e. inhaler devices
  • Audit trail of activity identifies when changes have been made and by whom.
  • Roll Back facility enables restoration back to a previous version of a page

Text Content

  • Freedom to enter any text content.  Concise drug information, drug specific guidance, prescribing and paediatric guidelines can all be included
  • Links can be made to uploaded documents or any website pages
  • Free text editing supports Tables

Search and Drug Index

  • AJAX search code enables auto-complete after the first character and continually displays and filters results as more characters are entered. Search results list all chapters and pages where the searched drug, condition or term appears
  • Drug Index is added to automatically as any drug is added to the Formulary
  • Drug Index can be browsed and clicked/tapped to search for where a selected drug appears in the Formulary

Custom Changes

  • Drug tariffs can be included or excluded
  • Status colours can be changed for each organisation
  • Additional Tag icons can be created upon request

The latest most complete Online Formulary Software system for NHS Trust, CCG or ICB.  Uses the NHS DM+D data to display generic and brand names and used formulations with pack sizes and tariffs, plus freedom to add dosage & guidance text and documents.

Online Formulary