DDMoRe Information Graphics

About the Client

DDMoRe (The Drug Disease Model Resources consortium) has been created to improve the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of Model-Informed Drug Discovery & Development. In model-informed drug development, information from a wide array of sources can be integrated into models to describe and predict the behaviour of complex disease/biological systems and drug actions. The consortium will deliver a platform as resource for models and knowledge sharing, based on standards to ensure consistency of evidence. Academia, industries and health authorities can rely on this platform in making decisions about development, approval of new medicines and improvement of therapy with existing drugs.

The Requirement

To create a number of explanatory diagrams which would make the complex process and stages of model-informed drug development easier to understand.

DDMoRe Information Graphics

Our Solution

The information for each diagram, supplied by the client, was extensive and complex. We summarised the information, simplifying it until we had something we could illustrate. As the subject was complex, we decided to make our diagrams simple and illustrative. We took an analogous approach, representing complex issues with easy to understand illustrations. Simple primary colours and a flat graphic style were employed to keep things easy on the eye. Icons and colour codes were used to further simplify and keep continuity between each diagram.