HCA Dashboard DNDi Drugs Pipeline

About The Client

DNDi was founded in 2003 to address the needs of patients with the most neglected diseases, DNDi is a collaborative, patients’ needs-driven, not-for-profit drug R&D organization. Their vision is to improve the quality of life and the health of people suffering from neglected diseases by using an alternative model to develop drugs for these diseases, and by ensuring equitable access to new and field-relevant health tools. In this not-for-profit model, driven by the public sector, a variety of players collaborate to raise awareness of the need to research and develop drugs for those neglected diseases that fall outside the scope of market-driven research and development (R&D). They also build public responsibility and leadership in addressing the needs of these patients.

The Requirement

A series of pipeline infographic screens was required to clearly show the development progress of a number of drug groups. The information displayed had to be uncomplicated and understood at a glance. The design needed to be able to be reproduced using PPT PowerPoint

DNDi Drugs Pipeline

Our Solution

We took an uncomplicated approach using easy-on-the-eye contemporary colour coding to differentiate the drug groups as well as a good clear typographic style. Icons were also used to help illustrate the development phases.
The approved design was reproduced as PowerPoint slides and supplied as complete and editable files