About the Client

HCA Inc., also known as Hospital Corporation of America, is the world’s largest independent hospital company with a turnover of around $30 billion, 164 hospitals and 106 outpatient centres, serving 14 million patients a year. The overseas division, HCA International, is based in the UK and operates six worldclass hospitals in central London.
With such a large operation in the UK, HCA requires extensive, in-house IT security governance and analysis. The security governance team comprises a number of experienced security and IT specialists.

The Requirement

To develop an updateable and dynamic dashboard displaying key security risk indications. Information displayed would be extensive but viewed and understood at a glance.
The dashboard would be open to all HCA IT security staff via URL on the intranet and would have the facility to be intuitively updated with new numerical data each week. Information displayed would have to be simple and visual.

Our Solution

Front End Interface Design
We simplified the information into a number of easy to read panels. The most important security risk indications were largest at the top of the dashboard.
A traffic light system of green for good, orange for fair and red for poor was used throughout for rapid recognition of the security status of each indicator.
Simple icons together with an up and down arrow reinforced severity of status and trends. A numeric indication was the best at conveying the information quickly while more complex data was used within easily understood graphs. The strong colours against the grey boxes proved to be most easily read.

Programme the System
The Dashboard was a custom-build using .Net and the Umbraco platform. A back-end log-in area enables all data to be simply updated as frequently as necessary and all charts, numbers and indicators change in the Front End instantly.


HCA Dashboard